Book Recycling

We pay cash or store credit for your pre-owned books. Soft cover or hard cover in acceptable condition.

Books Wanted

Medical Books
School Text Books
and Teachers Books
How To Books
Car Repair Manuals
History Books
War Books
Art Books
Adult (x-rated)
Reference Books
Self Help Books
Religion Books
Occult Books
Any Large Print Books


Books NOT Wanted

Readers Digest
Sheet Music
National Geographic
Children’s Books
Time Life
Mass Market Paperbacks


Please note all books sold in our retail store are Brand New.

(March 2012 – We now have a small selection of used books available.)

If we take your used books, we offer cash or 50% more in store credit.

If you receive more store credit than you can use at one time, we give you the credit balance in a Store Gift Certificate for future use.